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Magni Telehandler with Tree Cutting Attachment

MAGNI RTH Telehandler with tree cutting attachment.

***Key features and benefits***

-Customised cab and boom protection
-Preventing debris from entering the boom or breaking the cab glass.
-Overload protection with quick drop mode
-if the tree becomes too heavy load can be quickly dropped.
-Remote operation -the ability to operate outside the cab for safety and better viewing.
-Automatic attachment recognition -Automaticly Loads the correct load chart

***Key features of saw attachment***

-The saw unit has a swinging chassis with active suspension. (lower unit can be tilted to avoid bending of the saw bar)
-Automatic chain tensioner -keeps the chain under tension no matter how long the machine is in operation.
-The chain is grease lubricated so its longer lasting than oil lubrication and doesn’t drip down onto the cab. This unit can be set up on all the Magni rotating telehandlers from 21 metres to 46 metres.

Download Magni tree cutting info

Magni with tree cutting attachment



Magni RTH 6.25