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MAGNI Rotating Telehandlers

MAGNI “Three machines in one” Telescopic handler, off-road crane, Aerial work platform.
Lift Capacity: 4-13 tons
Lift height: 18-46 metres

Choosing Magni Smart or SH?

SMART Series-Pivoting Stabilizer legs, a lower cost option, very compact when closed and they do not protrude from the machine outline or affect the machine clearance. Disadvantages: They have a fixed footprint and lift less then SH series.

SH Series -Scissor stabilizer legs guarantee perfect grip on any kind of ground. They do not require much space to stabilise and the load charts will automatically calculate the safe lifting load on all 360deg. (Even if each leg is set at a different distance)

magni rotating telehandler 6-46 SH

RTH 6.46 SH

  • lifting weight6,000 kg
  • lift height45.64 m
magni rotating telehandler 8-25 SH

RTH 8.25 SH

  • lifting weight8,000 kg
  • lift height24.90 m
magni rotating telehandler 13-26 SH

RTH 13.26 SH

  • lifting weight13,000 kg
  • lift height26.20 m