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MAGNI Telehandlers

World-leading telescopic handlers for innovation, safety and lifting performance. Magni telehandlers easily outperform the competition by reaching higher and lifting more.

Magni are the game changer in the telehandler market. “These machines are so efficient, they can more times than not, eliminate the need for other equipment on worksites. Machines such as tower cranes, rough-terrain cranes, forklifts and EWPs could all be replaced by a Magni telescopic handler.”

For a Safer Lift ask for Magni. Magni telehandlers have many safety features such as levelling systems to adapt to slopes, auto recognition of attachments and automatic changing load charts which all help eliminate the chance of operator error. Smarter and more efficient, Magni easily outperforms the competition!

Double the capacity of any competitor. The RTH1326 rotating telehandler has an amazing 13 ton lift and a 26 metre lift height. This machine lifts more at 20 metres than a 40 ton crane. Truly impressive!

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magni rotating telehandler 6.35 SH

RTH 6.35 SH

  • lifting weight6,000 kg
  • lift height34.70 m
magni rotating telehandler 6-39 SH

RTH 6.39 SH

  • lifting weight6,000 kg
  • lift height38.90 m
magni rotating telehandler 6-46 SH

RTH 6.46 SH

  • lifting weight6,000 kg
  • lift height45.64 m
magni rotating telehandler 8-25 SH

RTH 8.25 SH

  • lifting weight8,000 kg
  • lift height24.90 m
magni rotating telehandler 13-26 SH

RTH 13.26 SH

  • lifting weight13,000 kg
  • lift height26.20 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 10 10

HTH 10.10

  • lifting weight10,000 kg
  • lift height9,52 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 16 10

HTH 16.10

  • lifting weight16,000 kg
  • lift height9,50 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 20 10

HTH 20.10

  • lifting weight19,999 kg
  • lift height9.80 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 24 11

HTH 24.11

  • lifting weight24,000 kg
  • lift height10.50 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 27 11

HTH 27.11

  • lifting weight27,000 kg
  • lift height10.85 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 30 12

HTH 30.12

  • lifting weight30,000 kg
  • lift height11.72 m
Heavy Lift Telehandlers 35 12

HTH 35.12

  • lifting weight35,000 kg
  • lift height11.72 m