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Bobcat Telehandler Review – Bobcat T3571L

A review on Bobcat Telehandler T3571LAs a telehandler that is true to the Bobcat brand’s ethos, the T3571L is durable, works well in most weather conditions, and offers a bunch of nifty features that make life easier. One joystick to control the boom and bucket functions and one shuttle lever to control forward, reverse, high and low speeds. Like all Bobcat telehandlers, the light but robust frame gives the T3571L the strength to lift as much or even more than heavier machines in the same class. The side mounted engine and low mounted boom provide great all-around visibility. Simple lay out and easy access to the engine bay ensures there is no need to use specialist equipment when performing maintenance.

The Bobcat T3571L’s Usability

Thanks to a 7-metre lift height, the Bobcat T3571L is ideal for loading into and unloading from trucks. This is good news for those who work in the construction, manufacturing, or farming industries. This means it is easy to maneuver, yet comes with the gusto you need to ensure it can easily handle a wide range of materials. Another benefit is this telehandler’sdesign is the 6-degrees correction tilting feature for levelling the load sideways while on uneven ground. This makes stacking bales or loading trucks a whole lot safer and easier.

You can select from three types of steering on this telehandler. Front wheel steering is ideal for using on roads and towing, while the all wheel steering makes it easy for you to turn it in tight circles while in confined areas. Finally, you can use crab steer, which makes it easy to move the telehandler from side-to-side. Alongside the 6-degree tilting discussed earlier, this makes the T3571L extra flexible.

The two-speed hydrostatic transmission is smooth. Selecting between work mode (Soft drive) and road mode (Direct drive) is simplydone while on the move, a great time saver. Power and low fuel consumption equals a performance efficiency of 95% for the T3571L. Also note that planetary reduction axles which are common on most large earth moving machines come standard on Bobcat telescopic handlers.

The Bobcat Telehandler’s Durability

When you hire or purchase a telescopic handler, you want to know that it isn’t just going to break down on you without warning. The main hydraulics and crowd ram are fitted inside the boom, which ensures they remain well protected. There is a reinforced underside, which ensures the vital components (including the engine) are safe when using the machine on rough ground. Further, you will find the cradle around the engine is designed to protect it from dust.

The boom of the telehandler does most of the work. As such, you need to be assured that it won’t break under heavy loads. A reinforced cradle and plating inside the boom frame ensures this won’t happen, which makes it ideal for use on a building site.

The T3571(L) has a reinforced boom and frame so that it can tackle the most demanding jobs without over-stressing the machine, even when using the machine’s power for pushing with the bucket or attachment.

Safety and Comfort Features

One of the most popular aspects of the Bobcat T3571L is that the controls are simple and easy to use. There is a clear display of colored lights to indicate the stability of the machine, The cab is fitted with a special “Zebullon” suspension system and hydraulic shock absorbers to provide the optimumoperator comfort. Whether you are using the machine for a day or a few weeks, you don’t have to worry about feeling worn down as you use it.

Because of its many features, the Bobcat T3571L is ideal for many different work places. So whether you are working on a farm or a construction site, you can experience the benefits of using a Bobcat Telehandler.