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Crane Hire is Expensive – Hire a Telehandler Instead

crane hire is expensive than telehandler hireAlthough telehandlers are rare in parts of New Zealand, a growing awareness of their versatility is making construction professionals turn to them over cranes. There are several reasons for them costing less than cranes. Understanding what a telehandler is, and how it can benefit your construction project, will help you decide when to abandon crane hire and opt for a telehandler instead.

Crane Hire Versus Telehandler –What license do I need?

To be a qualified crane operator it can take up to 2 years of training. Everybody knows crane operators have to be highly qualified and are expensive to have on site. Telehander’s can be operated onsite by anyone who has had basic training and holds a current forklift license (F endorsement on their license).

Simple as that, if the job size or height doesn’t specifically require a crane, get a telehandler. A telehandler can be on site all week and carry out multiple other tasks in the meantime.

Maneuverability: Telehandlers are moreversatile

Construction sites, building sheds, landscaping, etc…telehandlers are a highly useful and versatile machine to have around, often referred to as the ‘Swiss army knives’ of construction.

If you look closer it’s not hard to see why, Site managers and foreman are often putting off jobs until a crane arrives and then cramming all the lifting jobs into a single day or time-frame. This can be a real balancing act and is certainly frustrating.

12 Ton lift crane versus 3.5 ton Telehandler

12ton lift crane hired for one day, generally quite bulky awkward to maneuver and once set up can’t be shifted in a hurry. Strategic planning is required to find the right spot for the crane to park so all lifting can be done with minimal hassle and from the same spot. Staff can often be seen standing around wasting time while waiting on the crane before they can move onto their next task.

A 3.5 ton lift Telehandler with a reach up to 13 metres hired for a week (About the same price as 12ton crane for one day). Now you have a workhorse which can maneuver all around the site and be used straight away, when the truck arrives you have no more wasted time with unloading materials, you can stack them neatly out of the way until they are required, or just drive around the back to where they will be needed or even lift them up into the building site. When reach or distance is needed the two front stabilizers can be lowered to the ground for extra stability. Beams or roof joists can be lifted into place (depending on height of building) pallets of blocks can be shifted around;building materials can be lifted upon to scaffolding or even through windows. When the lifting jobs are completed the telehandler can make use of the bucket attachment to help with landscaping , shifting piles of rubble or dirt, filling pot holes and keeping the site safe and tidy.

Telehandler is the winner

Although telehandlers are new territory for many people working in construction and manufacturing trades, a combination of their ease of use and versatility makes them a wise choice. You as the hirer benefit from secondary costs like reduced downtime, lower hire prices and smarter operations. When it comes to telehandlers versus cranes, telehandlers are likely to save you money every time.