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Telehandlers Sales & Lease

TelehandlersWhether you’re working in general construction, agriculture or other materials handling, you’ll find a Telehandler to be the most versatile of all equipment. A Telehandler will do the work of a forklift, loader, crane and a tractor.

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Is a Telehandler better than a Tractor & Front-end Loader?

If you are comparing an Ag Telehandler verse’s Tractor and loader here are some points to consider:

  • Manoeuvrability – 4 wheel steering on the telehandler allows for a significantly tighter turning circle and doesn’t mess up the ground like a tractor.
  • Versatility – Telehandlers can take a full range of attachments – Bale Grabs, Grapples, Forks etc
  • 3 steering modes allows the driver to change at the flick of a switch in the cab from x to x or to x..
  • Faster load time. Telehandlers have a much greater lifting capacity which allows them to use a much bigger bucket and carry more per load
  • Greater height, greater reach, greater capacity, stack higher, lift further, shift more faster!
  • Telehandler is automatically in 4WD but can be switched to 2WD for road work.
  • Price – no real difference, a 130hp Telehandler is about the same price as a 130hp tractor,
  • Most Ag telehandlers now have a 40kpm transmission and
  • Can easily tow an 8 tonne trailer

Read what Jaiden Drought from Farm Trader Magazine has to say:

If you are in a position to purchase a second or third tractor where loading will be a big portion of that tractor’s duties, then, in my opinion, a telehandler makes more sense. Not only can you load faster and in bigger quantities, but these things are built specifically for loading. Tractors are designed to have loaders attached, but often we place bigger loaders without the correct ballast to get more reach or lift capacity. This not only places more stress throughout the entire machine, but your front axle and tyres won’t be thanking you either. As a direct result their life expectancy will be well down. For roughly the same price as a tractor and loader, telehandlers are built specifically to load and they will increase the lifespan of your tractor, meaning less repair and maintenance. The hypothesis has led to a conclusion — it’s a no brainer.