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Telehandler Hire 7 ton lift -Dieci 70.10

  • heavy liftHeavy Lift
  • lifting weight7 Ton
  • lift height10m
  • engine hp127hp
  • stabilizer legs
  • joystick control

Short or long term lease/rental/hire options

General:7 ton lift Telehandler for hire

  • Ideal for heavy lifting or bulk loading, concrete plant etc…
  • 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer (Choose between all-wheel steer, front-wheel steer and crab-steer)
  • Anti-tipping device
  • Frame leveling
  • Front stabilizer legs
  • Inching Pedal for controlled forward movement
  • Heavy Duty Forks
  • Optional extra 2.3metre Heavy duty Bucket


  • Lifting Height 9.65m
  • Forward reach 5.40m
  • Lifting Capacity 7,000kg
  • Length  5.91m
  • Height   2.49m
  • Width 2.36m
  • Weight 11,300kg
  • Engine. 127hp Iveco Turbo Diesel
  • Max Speed 30kph
  • Hydrostatic 2 Speed Transmission


Deici 70-10 Load Chart

Telehandler Hire 3ton, 4ton, 5ton, 6ton, 7ton

The Dieci Samson 70.10 Heavy Lift Telehandler is a heavier design than other Dieci models with deeper and wider forks for increased capacity and heavy lifting.  Twin front axle mounted stabilisers also provide greater lifting capacity and stability. The Samson 70.10 can lift a maximum of 7 tonne with an impressive heavy lift of 5 tonne at its maximum boom height. The machine is fitted with Anti Tipping Technology (ATP) for worry safe operations.

The Samson 70.10 is ideal for larger construction sites that require heavy lifts of beams, concrete panels, or large pallets of building materials.

Increased traction, manoeuvrability and heavy lifting capacity from the comfort of a modern spacious cab means you can do more in a day with the Dieci Samson 70.10!